in progress: 3D animation film

Here you can follow the production of my new short 3D animation/3D scanning and photogrammetry film.

A new step in the development of the film.

A new edit of already created material to recontextualize and expand the scope of the narrative.

This test sequence of a scene is used to develop the look and feel of the film. The environment and character are created via photogrammetry and 3D scanning using the Xbox One Kinect Sensor v2. Software used: Agisoft Photoscan, Brekel Pro PointCloud 2, Autodesk Maya, Redshift, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere.

This test sequence of a scene is used to develop the look and feel of the deformations and translation of the environment.

This early technical test that became a short poetry film by itself.

Now follows a series of compilations of technical and visual testst and experiments.

An experiment to restyle video texture sequences of an alembic volumetric video file filmed using the Kinect Azure using Ebsynth. The far left is the recording with te original texture (with make up).

In the first phase of this film I wanted to purely work with pointclouds.
I did a lot of testing to figure out a workflow and look, but ultimately I was nog pleased withe the facial expressions of the actor, or better said, lack of detail. The alternative was to created very dense clouds, but this defeated the purpose for me. So after some further testing I decided to mesh the pointclouds. Below you will find the test films from the first phase

This test sequence of a scene was used to develop the look and feel of the film in the pointcloud phase

An extensive compilation of many visual and technical tests in the early stages of the project

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