stop motion

Here you can check out the making off from a look development filmtest for a stop motion project called ‘Over My Dead Body’.

You’ll find designs, animation tests, building¬†the miniature set & puppets and shooting it. Scroll way way down to see it from the beginning.

This is a self contained scene is used to develop the look and feel of the film. 

First attempt to turn a facial motion capture into a stop motion sequence using the Kinect via 3D printing.

Experimenting with photogrammerty to digitize props I created.

Collection of rough dailies of shots and takes. So no post production or clean up, just straight from the camera.

Timelapse of me animating and rockin ‘n rolling.

Overview video of the finished set and the details.

Myself and DOP extra ordinaire Bas Andries breathing atmosphere by the buckets into the set.

Animated matte painting for the backgrounds, this is Amsterdam 17th Century, Het IJ (present day behind Amsterdam Central station).

Now follows a photo gallery of the proces of developing and building the miniature set.

The animated matte painting for the shots.

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